Pre Rup Temple, Cambodia, Panorama


Near the end of our tour of sites at Angkor Wat, we visited this temple, Pre Rup. While not as large as the main complex, it is also less visited. Without the crowds and with a bit of time, I could shoot a pan from its upper levels.

To navigate within the panorama, press and hold the left mouse button. Moving the mouse up/down/right/left will shift the viewing window accordingly. Holding down the "Shift" key will zoom in; holding down the "Ctrl" key will zoom out.

If you have the patience and bandwidth to download a 2-meg file, the Quicktime QTVR file will yield much higher resolution than the smaller PTViewer file above.

The panorama was taken December 28, 2008. It was stitched using PTGui and the high-resolution Quicktime cubic VR generated using the Pano2QTVR utility.