January 2014 Smartours Trip to India and Nepal
DSC 7421  Entrance to Site of Ghandi's Cremation DSC 7427  Birds Watching Over Ghandi's Cremation Site DSC 7425  Indian Military Guards at Ghandi Cremation Site DSC 7426  Memorial at Ghandi's Cremation Site DSC 7434  Memorial at Ghandi's Cremation Stie DSC 7431  Detail of Memorial DSC 7442  Indian Schoolgirls Taking Photos of Tourists Taking Photos of Them
DSC 7444  Busy Bazaar Street in Delhi DSC 7449  Hindu Temple in Delhi DSC 7451  Hindu Temple in Delhi DSC 7456  Mosque Tower Built of Reclaimed Stones from Hindu Temple DSC 7460  Abandoned Second Tower DSC 7466  Arch in Mosque Courtyard DSC 7471  Arches in Mosque Courtyard
DSC 7474  Column Detail in Mosque DSC 7477  Column Detail in Mosque DSC 7496  Looking up Mosque Tower DSC 7498  Looking out from Mosque DSC 7504  Window in Mosque with Earlier Hindu Motif DSC 7511  Arches in Outer Wall around Mosque DSC 7514  Canola or, Colloquially, Mustard Fields in Flower
DSC 7517  Barn and Flowering Fields DSC 7519  Trucks on Overpass, Locally-Produced Bricks DSC 7528  Monkey by Roadside DSC 7537  Hills and Quarries Approaching Jaipur DSC 7540  Great Wall of Jaipur and Lake below Amber Fort DSC 7542  Amber Fort above Lake DSC 7548  Building beside Lake in Jaipur
DSC 7546  Dam for Lake in Jaipur DSC 7551  Great Wall of Jaipur and Fortifications DSC 7555  Hogs by the Lake DSC 7557  Lake Shore and Great Wall DSC 7565  Summer Castle in the Lake DSC 7567  Cotton Candy Vendor, Jaipur DSC 7578  Young Jewelry Vendor, Jaipur
DSC 7585  Egrets, Jaipur DSC 7589  Jewelry Vendor, Jaipur DSC 7591  Toys and Things, Jaipur DSC 7594  Camel Skin Shoes, Jaipur DSC 7608  Temple Entrance and Hilltop Castle, Jaipur DSC 7600  Temple Entrance, Jaipur DSC 7596  Temple Entrance, Jaipur
DSC 7603  Modern Marble Temple, Jaipur DSC 7616  Statue of Wife of Temple's Donor DSC 7617  Statue of Temple Donor DSC 7620  Entrance to Temple DSC 7622  Pillars Feature Figures from Other Religions DSC 7623  Figures from Other Religions on Pillars DSC 7632  Figures from Other Religions
DSC 7636  Hawking Beads at the Entrance to the Elephant Rides to the Amber Fort in Jaipur DSC 7642  Mahoot and Elephant DSC 7649  Elephants brightly Decorated at Amber Fort DSC 7660  Riding up the Hill to the Amber Fort DSC 7669  James and Jill went up the Hill DSC 7680  Elephants and Amber Fort, Jaipur DSC 7700  Elephants Carrying Tourists up the Hill
DSC 7708  Main Courtyard of Amber Fort DSC 7711  Musician at Amber Fort DSC 7714  Balcony in Amber Fort DSC 7716  Sikh at Amber Fort DSC 7721  Looking down the Valley from the Amber Fort DSC 7725  Defensive Fortifications on the Hills above the Amber Fort DSC 7728  Temple in the Mist below Amber Fort
DSC 7730  Defensive Fortifications DSC 7735  Archway and Courtyard, Amber Fort DSC 7740  Decorated Niche, Amber Fort DSC 7743  Pigeons Perched in Amber Fort DSC 7754  Main Courtyard and Buildings inside the Amber Fort DSC 7758  Main Courtyard from above, Amber Fort DSC 7763  Main Courtyard
DSC 7767  Elephant Parade carrying Tourists into the Amber Fort DSC 7773  Decorated Archway, Amber Fort DSC 7775  Still more Elephants DSC 7778  Pigeons Flocking around the Amber Fort DSC 7782  Detail of Column, Amber Fort DSC 7786  Detail of Column, Amber Fort DSC 7789  Interior Columns, Amber Fort
DSC 7794  Elephants returning to the Loading Area for more Tourists, Amber Fort DSC 7800  Wooden Door, Amber Fort, Jaipur DSC 7801  Entrance Archway to Palace in Amber Fort DSC 7804  Viewing Balcony, Amber Fort DSC 7809  Interior Paintings, Amber Fort DSC 7812  Wooden Door, Amber Fort, Jaipur DSC 7816  Open Door, Amber Fort, Jaipur
DSC 7821  Columns and Arches, Amber Fort DSC 7823  Looking down at the Reservoir and Gardens below the Amber Fort DSC 7845  Interior Gardens, Amber Fort DSC 7850  Interior Marble Hallway, Amber Fort DSC 7854  Mirrored Walls, Amber Fort DSC 7862  Mirrored Ceiling, Amber Fort DSC 7868  Archway and Decorated Walls, Amber Fort
DSC 7872  Marble and Inlay, Amber Fort DSC 7875  Wall Paintings, Amber Fort DSC 7879  Looking out from the Balcony, Amber Fort DSC 7880  Interior Courtyard, Amber Fort DSC 7882  Interior Gardens from above, Amber Fort DSC 7892  Wall Paintings, Amber Fort DSC 7889  Detail of Wall Painting, Amber Fort
DSC 7893  Decorated Dome, Amber Fort DSC 7900  Kitchen Courtyard, Amber Fort DSC 7904  Amber Fort and Defensive Fortifications DSC 7907  Interior Stairway, Amber Fort DSC 7910  Interior Courtyard Building, Amber Fort DSC 7918  Snake Charmer, Amber Fort DSC 7919  Kitchen Cauldrons, Amber Fort
DSC 7921  Doll Vendor, Amber Fort DSC 7923  Jeeps waiting to take Tourists back down the Hill from the Amber Fort DSC 7927  On our way back down... DSC 7933  Jeweler polishing Stones DSC 7934  Jeweler cutting Stones DSC 7936  Chandelier and Ceiling in Jewelry Factory DSC 7938  Rickshaw Ride in the Old City of Jaipur
DSC 7942  Typical Street Scene, Jaipur DSC 7945  Milk Vendor, Jaipur DSC 7946  Fruit Stand, Jaipur Old City DSC 7950  Traffic passing our Rickshaw DSC 7953  Cauliflower Cart, Jaipur DSC 7957  Parasol, Jaipur DSC 7963  Gate to the Old City in Jaipur
DSC 7964  Dress Shop, Jaipur DSC 7967  Shoe Store, Jaipur DSC 7969  Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 7975  Rickshaw carrying Freight, Jaipur DSC 7977  Entrance to Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 7978  Carving, Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 7979  Carving, Palace of Winds, Jaipur
DSC 7980  Archway, Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 7983  Main Courtyard, Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 7989  Looking out from the Palace of Winds over the Courtyard to the Observatory (Ramp in Background) DSC 7991  View from Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 7997  Jaipur Street Scene viewed from Palace of Winds DSC 8002  Main Courtyard viewed from above DSC 8011  Detail of Balconies, Palace of Winds, Jaipur
DSC 8019  Fountains in Main Courtyard, Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 8021  Musician at Museum near Palace of Winds, Jaipur DSC 8022 DSC 8025  Carving at Restaurant between Jaipur and Agra DSC 8031  Fountains at Restaurant between Jaipur and Agra DSC 8042  Main Courtyard, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8045  Royal Audience Building, Fatehpur Sikri
DSC 8058  Interior and Main Column of Audience Building DSC 8062  Audience Building, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8065  Interior View, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8072  Interior Chamber, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8077  Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8079  Interior Courtyard, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8080  Fatehpur Sikri
DSC 8081  Reflecting Pool, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8086  Detail of Carvings, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8098  Reflecting Pool and Courtyard, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8099  Interior archways, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8128  Tower, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8130  Detail of Carvings, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8136  Interior Niche, Fatehpur Sikri
DSC 8139  Interior Courtyard, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8141  Wives' Quarters, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8142  Detial of Carvings, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8146  Carved Columns, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8151  Exterior Courtyard and Stables, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8160  Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8169  Fatehpur Sikri
DSC 8171  Detail of Carvings, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8174  Detail of Carvings, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8181  Exterior Building, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8186  Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8189  Workers, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8191  Multi-story Tower, Fatehpur Sikri DSC 8195  Detail of Tower, Fatehpur Sikri
DSC 8211  Entrance to the Taj Mahal Complex, Agra DSC 8219  Gateway to Main Courtyard, Taj Mahal, Agra DSC 8221  Main Gateway leading to the Taj Mahal, Agra DSC 8225  Detail of Gateway Inlay and Marble, Verses from the Q'uran, Taj Mahal, Agra DSC 8232  The Taj Mahal in the Morning Mist, Agra DSC 8241  Clearing in the Mist, the Taj Mahal DSC 8255  Detail of the Entrance to the Taj Mahal
DSC 8261  Kodak Moment at the Taj Mahal DSC 8262  Detail of Inlay at the Taj Mahal DSC 8264  One of the Minarets Surrounding the Taj Mahal DSC 8265  View of the River from the Taj Mahal DSC 8267  Mosque at the Taj Mahal DSC 8268  Rear Entrance to the Taj Mahal DSC 8273  Corner View of the Taj Mahal
DSC 8277  Second Mosque at the Taj Mahal DSC 8281  The Mist slowly cleared... DSC 8285  Courtyard Columns at the Taj Mahal DSC 8289  View along the Reflecting Pool of the Taj Mahal DSC 8307  Crowds Gathering at the Taj Mahal DSC 8324  Creating inlaid Marble Tables, Agra DSC 8325  Each is cut by hand
DSC 8332  Buddha Statue at Marble Table Factory DSC 8335  Moat at the Agra Fort DSC 8337  Main Gate into the Agra Fort DSC 8340  Interior Gate into the Agra Fort DSC 8341  Detail of Mosaics at Agra Fort DSC 8344  Indian Flag at Agra Fort DSC 8349  Interior Gateway at Agra Fort
DSC 8352  Main Palace within Agra Fort DSC 8355  Detail of Palace at Agra Fort DSC 8357  Squirrels in Tree at Agra Fort DSC 8364  Interior Courtyard, Agra Fort DSC 8366  Palace and Balcony, Agra Fort DSC 8368  Detail of Construction, Agra Fort DSC 8377  Interior Courtyard, Palace at Agra Fort
DSC 8378  View of the Taj Mahal from the Agra Fort DSC 8380  Closeup of the Taj Mahal from the Agra Fort DSC 8391  Interior and View from Agra Fort DSC 8393  Columns and View, Agra Fort DSC 8394  Upper Level of Agra Fort with Taj Mahal in Background DSC 8398  Upper Level, Agra Fort DSC 8402  Agra Fort
DSC 8405  Courtyard and Pool, Agra Fort DSC 8408  Interior Gardens, Agra Fort DSC 8421  Interior Fountain and Sunlight on the Marble, Agra Fort DSC 8430  Interior Courtyard, Agra Fort DSC 8432  Exterior Wall and Taj Mahal DSC 8438  Arches and Balcony, Agra Fort DSC 8442  Arches and Columns, Agra Fort
DSC 8449  Visitors to the Agra Fort DSC 8453  Arches and Columns, Agra Fort DSC 8459  Palace inside Agra Fort DSC 8461  Archway and Door, Agra Fort DSC 8472  Main Gate into Agra Fort DSC 8475  Spell much? DSC 8477  Agra Train Station
DSC 8484  Our Train Pulling into the Station at Agra DSC 8486  Riding the Rails from Agra to Jhansi DSC 8492  Lunch stop between Jhansi and Khajuraho DSC 8495  Wedding Party with Henna applied to their Hands DSC 8501  Tuk-tuks in Orcha. DSC 8503  Bundela Palace, Orcha DSC 8505  Palace, Orcha
DSC 8509  View from Palace DSC 8513  Main Palace Building, Orcha DSC 8517  Rear view of Palace DSC 8518  Part of the Palace has been Converted to a Hotel. DSC 8523  Palace Doorway, Orcha DSC 8524  Interior Courtyard, Orcha DSC 8527  Detail of Carvings, Orcha
DSC 8530  Palace Dome, Orcha DSC 8533  Palace, Orcha DSC 8539  Camel Stables, Palace at Orcha DSC 8542  View of Surrounding Temple Complex from Palace DSC 8551  Elephant standing Guard DSC 8555  Inlay in Floor of Palace DSC 8559  Arched Door, Palace at Orcha
DSC 8562  View of outer Wall and Gate, Orcha DSC 8568  Interior Courtyand and Pool, Orcha DSC 8572  Another view of the Courtyard DSC 8577  Inlay in exterior Wall of Palace DSC 8586  View of the City from the Palace, Orcha DSC 8596  Balcony View from Palace DSC 8602  Private Balcony
DSC 8604  Brown Door, Orcha DSC 8607  Wooden Doors, Orcha DSC 8608  Interior Arches, Palace at Orcha DSC 8618  Paintings on Walls and Ceiling, Orcha DSC 8625  Detail of Painting DSC 8628  Detail of Painting DSC 8632  Ceiling in Palace, Orcha
DSC 8635  Arches and Pool, Orcha DSC 8637  Interior View of Palace DSC 8640  Standing Guard? DSC 8652  Pigments for Applying to Forehead in Hindu Style DSC 8654  Street Barber, Khajuraho DSC 8657  Carpet Cleaning, Khajuraho DSC 8668  Khajuraho Temple Complex
DSC 8738  Carvings on Temple, Khajuraho DSC 8724  Carving of Ganesha, Khajuraho DSC 8692  Detail of Carvings, Khajuraho DSC 8682  Smaller Temple, Khajuraho DSC 8678  Temple Door, Khajuraho DSC 8673  Temple and Hedges, Khajuraho DSC 8670  19th Century Temple, Khajuraho
DSC 8744  Carvings, Khajuraho DSC 8844  Temple, Khajuraho DSC 8848  Temple, Khajuraho DSC 8833  Carving of Soldiers, Khajuraho DSC 8838  Temple, Khajuraho DSC 8810  Interior of Temple, Khajuraho DSC 8814  Flag over Modern Hindu Temple, Khajuraho
DSC 8764  Detail of Column Carvings, Khajuraho DSC 8852  Lion, Khajuraho DSC 8870  Second Lion, Khajuraho DSC 8949  Carving at Shop, Khajuraho DSC 8947  Khajuraho DSC 8941  Temples under Restoration, Khajuraho DSC 8874  Temples at Khajuraho
DSC 8950  Rickshaw Drivers, Varanasi DSC 8961  Rickshaws and Drivers, Varanasi DSC 8981  Shop at Evening, Varanasi DSC 9012  Sewing Machine Repair Shop, Varanasi DSC 9020  Saris, Varanasi DSC 9026  Walking down steps to the Ganges, Varanasi DSC 9037  Boats on the Ganges, Varanasi
DSC 9042  Ceremonial Site on the Ganges, Varanasi DSC 9052  Approaching the Cremation Site, Varanasi DSC 9064  Candles to place as Offerings in the Ganges DSC 9081  Lighting the Candles DSC 9084  Group ready to place Candles in the Ganges DSC 9093  Candles floating down the Ganges DSC 9088  Ceremonial Site on the Ganges, Varanasi
DSC 9103  Hindu Priests DSC 9143  Ceremony at Dusk, Varanasi DSC 9187  Priest after the Ceremony, Varanasi DSC 9190  Shops at Night, Varanasi DSC 9199  Shops at Night, Varanasi DSC 9204  Washing Clothes in the Ganges, early Morning, Varanasi DSC 9227  Pilgrims bathing in the Ganges, Varanasi
DSC 9248  Pilgrims bathing in the Ganges, Varanasi DSC 9268  Boats on the Ganges, Varanasi DSC 9290  Painted Building, Varanasi DSC 9305  Bathing Ghat, Varanasi DSC 9365  Still Washing Clothes in the Ganges DSC 9372  Saris laid out to dry... DSC 9377  Buddhist Temple, Kathmandu
DSC 9405  Painting Mandalas, Kathmandu DSC 9400  Detail of the Mandala DSC 9411  Walking the Perimeter of the Temple, praying a Mantra, Kathmandu DSC 9392  Buddhist Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9382  Shops around the Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9384  Carved Doors, Kathmandu DSC 9379  Temple and Prayer Flags, Kathmandu
DSC 9453  Statues at Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9462  Offerings at Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9448  Buddhist Monk, Kathmandu DSC 9449  Buddhist Monk DSC 9426  Prayer Wheel at Temple Entrance, Kathmandu DSC 9443  Incense burning at the Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9421  Bell in Square outside Temple, Kathmandu
DSC 9466  Prayer Flags, Kathmandu DSC 9490  Praying at the Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9495  Statue and Pigeons, Kathmandu DSC 9485  Temple and Prayer Flags, Kathmandu DSC 9487  Prayer Flags, Kathmandu DSC 9472  Prayer Flags, Kathmandu DSC 9480  Praying at the Temple, Kathmandu
DSC 9500  Prayer Wheels inside Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9532  Woman at the Bell, Kathmandu DSC 9534  Saying her Mantra with her Prayer Beads DSC 9519  New Year's Parade, Kathmandu DSC 9529  Children, Kathmandu DSC 9510  New Year's Parade, Kathmandu DSC 9516  Banner at New Year's Parade, Kathmandu
DSC 9504  Buddhist Monk, Kathmandu DSC 9535  Detail on Building, Kathmandu DSC 9572  Parade around Temple Square, Kathmandu DSC 9577  Parade, Kathmandu DSC 9565  Parade, Kathmandu DSC 9414  Spinning Prayer Wheels, Kathmandu DSC 9544  Spinning Prayer Wheels
DSC 9557  Prayer Wheels and Dog, Kathmandu DSC 9560  Detail of Prayer Wheels, Kathmandu DSC 9538  Young Girl, Kathmandu DSC 9586  Detail of Temple, Kathmandu DSC 9589  Carved Doors, Kathmandu DSC 9594  Fruit Vendor, Kathmandu DSC 9601  Weighing the Purchase, Kathmandu
DSC 9603  Street Scene, Kathmandu DSC 9606  Pigments, Kathmandu DSC 9608  Cremation Site, Kathmandu DSC 9612  Cremation Pyres, Kathmandu DSC 9615  Ceremonies across from the Cremation Sites, Kathmandu DSC 9617  Holy Men, Kathmandu DSC 9618  Namaste
DSC 9619  Cremation Pyre, Kathmandu DSC 9623  Temple Complex, Kathmandu DSC 9626  Temple and Bell, Kathmandu DSC 9628  Detail of Bell, Kathmandu DSC 9635  Pigment Selection, Kathmandu DSC 9639  Street Scene, Kathmandu DSC 9641  Lion, Kathmandu
DSC 9644  Detail of Lion DSC 9645  Locally-produced Art, Kathmandu DSC 9647  Street Shrines, Bhaktapur DSC 9646  Street Shrine, Bhaktapur DSC 9651  Lion at School Gateway, Bhaktapur DSC 9654  Carving at School Gate, Bhaktapur DSC 9655  Carving at School Gate, Bhaktapur
DSC 9658  Museum Entrance, Bhaktapur DSC 9659  Carved Doors, Bhaktapur DSC 9663  Hindu Temple, Bhaktapur DSC 9664  Boy and Carvings, Bhaktapur DSC 9667  Detail of Temple, Bhaktapur DSC 9669  Bullock Carving, Bhaktapur DSC 9680  Five-Story Temple, Bhaktapur
DSC 9686  Temple, Bhaktapur DSC 9688  Detail of Temple, Bhaktapur DSC 9691  Walking down the Steps from the Temple at Bhaktapur DSC 9694  Shops and Cafes, Bhaktapur DSC 9700  Five-Story Temple, Bhaktapur DSC 9713  Local Conversation, Bhaktapur DSC 9716  Walking through the Square, Bhaktapur
DSC 9741  Laundry Day, Bhaktapur DSC 9745  Kitchen at the Restaurant where we ate Lunch, Bhaktapur DSC 9750  Tea and Masks, Bhaktapur DSC 9752  Shrine, Bhaktapur DSC 9754  Detail of Carving, Bhaktapur DSC 9758  Temple, Bhaktapur DSC 9760  Temple Doors, Bhaktapur
DSC 9764  Young Woman, Bhaktapur DSC 9765  Temple and Carvings, Bhaktapur DSC 9775  Gateway, Bhaktapur DSC 9770  Detail of Gateway, Bhaktapur DSC 9777  Carved Doorway, Bhaktapur DSC 9779  Shrine, Bhaktapur DSC 9780  Detail of Lion, Bhaktapur
DSC 9784  Cauliflower and Greens Delivered, Bhaktapur DSC 9786  Street Vendor, Bhaktapur DSC 9788  Shops and Chickens, Bhaktapur DSC 9791  Rooster, Bhaktapur DSC 9797  Farmer, Bhaktapur DSC 9798  Street Vendor, Bhaktapur DSC 9804  Farm Tractor and Trailer, Bhaktapur
DSC 9809  Hill Village New Year's Celebration outside Kathmandu DSC 9813  Pioneering Project Swing at New Year's Celebration DSC 9818  Gathering to Dance DSC 9824  Dancing with the Tourists (not the Stars) DSC 9828  Watching the Dancers DSC 9833  More Villagers at the Celebration DSC 9844  At another Village, another Celebration
DSC 9854  Priest at Buddhist Temple in the Village DSC 9857  Young Villagers at the Celebration DSC 9859  Terraced Hillside Farms DSC 9867  Farm Houses and Terraces DSC 9873  Trees and Topiary DSC 9878  Farms perched on the Hillside DSC 9880  Terraces lying Fallow between Seasons
DSC 9889  Blue Door, Yellow Wall, Village above Kathmandu DSC 9893  Farmhouse and Craft Shop DSC 9894  Local Craft Shop run by British Ex-Pat DSC 9898  Farmhouse on Hillside DSC 9899  Mushrooms Drying on the Roof DSC 9904  Farmhouse with Laundry DSC 9909  Village School
DSC 9914  Marigolds bordering the Fields DSC 9924  Farmhouse and Laundry DSC 9925  Farmhouse Still Life DSC 9927  Green and Red Door DSC 9930  Another Farmhouse DSC 9931  Village Child DSC 9932  Brown Door with Lock, Village above Kathmandu
DSC 9934  Fixer-Upper? DSC 9942  Farmhouses with Satellite TV Antennae DSC 9954  Village below the Tea House where we stopped for Refreshments DSC 0027  Buddha Air ready to fly us to Everest DSC 9969  Passengers are invited up to the Cockpit for a better View DSC 9971  Flying past the Himalaya, Mt. Everest on the Left DSC 9982  Mt. Everest in the Background
DSC 9991  The Center Peak is considered Holy and no Climbers are Permitted. DSC 0002  Steeply Carved Cols DSC 0005  Himalayan Panorama DSC 0022  Looking out at the Himalaya over the Wing DSC 0028  Reading his Prayers, Kathmandu DSC 0029  Decorative Lion at our Hotel DSC 0030  Nap time for the Tailor
DSC 0031  Fresh Vegetables for Sale DSC 0037  Clothing Shop, Kathmandu DSC 0059  Visiting another Temple DSC 0051  Freight conveyed by Rickshaw DSC 0077  Temple and Stairs DSC 0092  Outer Temple DSC 0067  People gathering for Ceremony picking a local Girl to be honored by a Year in Service at the Temple
DSC 0170  Girls being prepared for the Ceremony DSC 0080  Watching the Ceremony DSC 0083  Lions in front of the Temple DSC 0094  Detail of Temple Roof Decorations DSC 0098  Shoes, Handbags, Hats, Scarves and Masks DSC 0102  Temple with Pigeons DSC 0107  Interior Courtyard of Museum
DSC 0112  Green Shutters DSC 0105  Tower Detail at Museum DSC 0114  Shrine in Museum Courtyard DSC 0115  Guarding the Museum DSC 0116  Temple outside the Museum DSC 0123  Street Vendors Galore DSC 0129  Rear Facade of Museum
DSC 0132  Rickshaws awaiting a Fare DSC 0140  Rickshaws and Woman in Pink DSC 0157  Rickshaw and Driver DSC 0166  Special Delivery? DSC 0172  Purses for Sale DSC 0178  Doorway and Bell DSC 0181  Statue
DSC 0185  Temple and Statuary DSC 0187  Detail of Statuary DSC 0183  Statue with Cobra and Bird DSC 0188  Ornate Temple DSC 0203  Museum A/V Room Doorway DSC 0209  Elephant Statues at Temple DSC 0216  Decorated Statue with Pigeon
DSC 0217  Detail of Statue DSC 0221  Tin Doorway, Kathmandu DSC 0225  Wooden Door with Railing and Blanket, Kathmandu DSC 0227  Baubles, Bangles and Beads? DSC 0230  Stringing Beads on Necklaces DSC 0232  Tailor Shop DSC 0235  Self-Explanatory
DSC 0240  Shawls and Saris DSC 0244  Colorful Bolts of Cloth DSC 0248  Another Tailor Shop (Fit not Guaranteed?) DSC 0250  Measuring Cloth off a Bolt DSC 0252  Men and Doorway DSC 0259  Statue in Red DSC 0260  Colorful Balloons
DSC 0265  Flower Vendor, Kathmandu DSC 0273  Stringing Marigolds on Necklaces DSC 0279  Nepalese Snacks DSC 0277  Family and Monkey-Faced God Statue DSC 0283  Girl and Lion with Painted Wall in Background DSC 0256  Lion on opposite Side of Doorway DSC 0306  Statuary Detail
DSC 0313  Blue Door, Kathmandu DSC 0316  Small Temple on the Way back to the Bus DSC 0318  Corridor and Bicycles DSC 0325  Triple Door, Kathmandu DSC 0327  Reflections in Reservoir, Kathmandu DSC 0329  Closeup of Reservoir Buildings DSC 0342  Carved Door with Buddha Eyes, Kathmandu
DSC 0349  Blue Door, Kathmandu DSC 0351  Aqua Door, Kathmandu DSC 0369  Folk Dancer at Farewell Dinner DSC 0370  Folk Dancer Portrait DSC 0384  Departing Kathmandu, the Weather cleared for a final view of the Himalaya DSC 0401  Climbing out of Kathmandu, the City and the Mountains DSC 0389  Himalaya and Wing
DSC 0439  Final Panorama of the Himalaya