DSC 4245  Bird Sculpture at Highway Rest Stop DSC 4249  Tea Seedlings in Nursery DSC 4260  Tea Bushes Shaded by Coconut Palms DSC 4261  Close-up of Tea Bushes DSC 4296  Stream Flowing through Tea Plantation
DSC 4306  Trimming Clove Trees DSC 4292  Tea Plantation and Processing Buildings DSC 4285  Picking Tea Leaves DSC 4280  Picking Tea leaves DSC 4303  Picking Tea Leaves
DSC 4360  Withering Building at Tea Plantation DSC 4313  View from Withering Building DSC 4321  Transporting Withered Green Tea Leaves from Withering Building DSC 4336  Grinding Green Tea Leaves DSC 4331  Sorting Ground Green Tea Leaves
DSC 4351  Preparing Organic Green Tea DSC 4345  High-Tech Drying with High-Intensity Red LEDs DSC 4349  Tea Sorting Machine DSC 4347  Sorting Dried Black Tea DSC 4355  Road through Tea Plantation
DSC 4367  Other end of Bird Sculputure DSC 4371  Offloading Container Ship, Hambantotha DSC 4372  Street Scene, Hambantotha DSC 4377  Street Scene, Hambantotha DSC 4379  Storefront, Hambantotha
DSC 4384  Political Campaign Sign, Hambantotha DSC 4393  Presidential Offices, Male, Maldive Islands DSC 4400  Parliament Building, Male DSC 4441  Antique Cannons, National Museum, Male DSC 4436  Trees in Courtyard of National Museum
DSC 4555  Facade of National Museum, Male DSC 4432  Colorful Child-Care Center, Male DSC 4563  Gate and Presidential Residence, Male DSC 4428  Presidential Residence, Male, Maldive Islands DSC 4561  Old Friday Mosque, Male
DSC 4419  Graveyard Outside Old Friday Mosque, Male DSC 4407  Minaret Base, Old Mosque, Male DSC 4451  Independence Mounument, Male DSC 4467  Independence Monument, Male DSC 4550  Monument to Those who Fought Terrorist Attack, Male
DSC 4468  Modern Mosque, Male DSC 4588  Dome of Modern Mosque, Male DSC 4543  Interior of Modern Mosque, Male DSC 4546  Plaque at Entrance to Modern Mosque, Male DSC 4558  Street Scene, Male
DSC 4600  Narrow Side Street, Male DSC 4539  Street Art, Male DSC 4495  Fish market, Male, Maldive Islands DSC 4493  Tuna in Fish Market, Male DSC 4506  Snapper in Fish Market, Male
DSC 4482  Fruit Market, Male, Maldive Islands DSC 4627  Fruit Market, Male DSC 4619  Vegetables in Market, Male DSC 4647  Smoked Fish in Market, Male DSC 4632  Old Scale, Fruit Market, Male
DSC 4651  Unloading Bananas for Market, Male DSC 4511  Local Boats, Male, Maldive Islands DSC 4514  Old Dinghy, Male DSC 4612  Local Boats, Male DSC 4608  Local Boats, Male
DSC 4603  Local Boats, Male DSC 4714  One-Crab Greeting Committee, Gan Island, Maldive Islands DSC 4690  M/V Voyager at Anchor, Gan Island DSC 4699  M/V Voyager.  Note concertina Wire as Protection against Pirates DSC 4725  Approaching Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles in an Afternoon Downpour
DSC 4728  Port Buildings, Victoria DSC 4726  Long-Line Fishing Vessel, Victoria DSC 4733  North Shore of Mahe, Seychelles DSC 4740  Flower Display in Resort, North Shore, Mahe DSC 4764  Fountain in Courtyard, Mahe
DSC 4751  Palm and Mountain as Rains Clear, Mahe DSC 4772  Overlooking Victoria, Mahe, Shechelles DSC 4774  M/V Voyager in Port, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles DSC 4777  Neighboring Island and Port, Mahe DSC 4784  Hillside Houses, Victoria, Mahe
DSC 4789  Coco de Mer Palms, Botanical Garden, Mahe DSC 4791  Female Coco de Mer bearing Nuts DSC 4793  Detail of Large Nut on Coco de Mere, Victoria DSC 4801  Fan Palm, Botanical Garden, Mahe DSC 4809  Flower, Botanical Garden, Mahe
DSC 4817  "Flying Fox" Fruit Bat in Botanical Garden DSC 4824  Lush Vegetation, Botanical Garden DSC 4826  Giant Land Tortises Enjoying an Afternoon Dip DSC 4833  Flower, Botanical Garden, Mahe DSC 4837  Flower, Botanical Garden, Mahe
DSC 4839  Flower, Botanical Garden, Mahe DSC 4840  Port Headquarters, Victoria, Mahe DSC 4842  Port Sign, Vitorial DSC 4845  Drydocked Pilot Boat, Victoria Mahe DSC 4862  Flowers at Port, Victoria
DSC 4863  Closeup of Flower at Port DSC 4869  Monument and Mountains, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles DSC 5028  Detail of Monument to Commerce in Victoria DSC 5010  Independence Monument, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles DSC 4878  Indepencence Monument and Flag, Victoria
DSC 4882  Detail of Independence Monument DSC 4884  Monument to Surrounding Continents, Victoria DSC 4890  Street Scene, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles DSC 4897  Fish Market, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles DSC 4900  Colorful Fish in Market, Victoria
DSC 4907  Vegetable Market, Victoria DSC 4912  Fruit Market, Victoria DSC 4914  Still Life, Fruit Market, Victoria DSC 4916  Fruit Market, Victoria DSC 4919  Street Scene Outside Fruit Market, Victoria
DSC 4935  Sunny Shop Window, Victoria DSC 4940  Pharmacy and Supermarket, Victoria DSC 4946  Shop, Victoria DSC 4968  Anglican Cathedral, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles DSC 4952  Interior of Anglican Cathedral, Victoria
DSC 4955  Side Stained Glass Windows, Cathedral, Victoria DSC 4958  Stained Glass Window Honoring Boy Scouts of Seychelles DSC 4984  Stained Glass Window in Anglican Cathedral, ictoria DSC 4982  Detail of Stained Glass, Victoria DSC 4979  Sunlight Projecting through Stained Glass, Victoria
DSC 4987  Clock Tower, Victoria DSC 4995  Tree-Lined Street Scene, Victoria DSC 5003  Bank and Flowers, Victoria DSC 5007  Fan Palms, Victoria DSC 5016  Seychelles National Archives, Victoria
DSC 4875  Main Entrance to National Archives, Victoria DSC 5018  Flowers at National Archives, Victorial DSC 5031  Former Childrens' Playground, Victoria DSC 5034  Bougainvillia, Victoria DSC 5037  Heavy Equipment at Port, Victoria
DSC 5042  Port and Building Clouds, Victoria DSC 5046  Anti-Piracy Concertina Wire on M/V Voyager DSC 5075  Detail of Concertina Wire DSC 5208  Colorful Bird Perched n Concertina Wire DSC 5051  Port and Neighboring Island, Victoria
DSC 5060  Tug in Port, Victoria DSC 5063  Wind Turbines Idle in a Calm, Victoria DSC 5068  Pilot Boat and Dockside Equipment, Victoria DSC 5079  Dockside Awaiting arrival of a Freighter, Victoria DSC 5081  Tugs Accompanying Incoming Freigter, Victoria
DSC 5087  Swinging the Freighter into the Dock, Victoria DSC 5107  Tugs Executing a Pirouette with Freigher, Victoria DSC 5118  Tugs easing Freighter into the Dock, Victoria DSC 5147  Freighter Docked in Victoria DSC 5179  Taking the Pilot off the Freigher, Victoria
DSC 5095  Local Fishing Boat, Victoria DSC 5104  Local Fishing Boat, Victoria DSC 5115  Bringing Passengers to the Harbor, Victoria DSC 5165  Seychelles Coast Guard, Victoria DSC 5175  Tugs Returning to their Berths, Victoria
DSC 5185  Tugs Returning to their Berths, Victoria DSC 5200  Pilot Boat Returning to Harbor, Victoria DSC 5216  Port Buildings, Victoria DSC 5222  Commercial Vessels, Victoria DSC 5231  Bustling Port Scene, Victoria
DSC 5238  Freighter Offloading Cargo, Victoria DSC 5249  Wind Turbine, Victoria DSC 5254  Pilot Boat Approaching M/V Voyager to Retrieve the Pilot DSC 5256  Pilot Boat Returning to Port, Victoria DSC 5264  Weather Forecast:  Ships with a Chance of Afternoon Thunderstorms
DSC 5275  Island and Clouds, Leaving Port, Victoria DSC 5292  M/V Voyager Wake and Afternoon Clouds Leaving Victoria DSC 5300  Male Flower of Coco de Mer, Praslin, Seychelles DSC 5310  Rain Forest Downpour, Praslin, Seychelles DSC 5317  Small Island off Praslin, Seychelles
DSC 5337  Afternoon Thunderstorm off Praslin DSC 5321  Colorful Birds, Praslin DSC 5330  Locals call these "Robins" but they Look more like Finches DSC 5345  Tender Shuttling to M/V Voyager after Dark DSC 5347  Rainbow Fragment Under the Clouds at Sunrise, La Digue, Seychelles
DSC 5348  Small Boats at Anchor, La Digue, Seychelles DSC 5357  Driftwood, La Digue DSC 5350  M/V Voyager at Anchor off La Digue, Seychelles DSC 5373  Granite Boulders at the Beach, La Digue, Seychelles DSC 5360  Cactus at a Resort, La Digue
DSC 5361  Cactus Flower Buds, La Digue DSC 5359  Resort Art, La Digue DSC 5385  One-Crab Welcoming Committee, La Digue DSC 5394  Granite Bounders, Waves and Clouds, La Digue DSC 5399  Granite Boulders, La Digue
DSC 5424  Waves Breaking, La Digue DSC 5474  Waves, Boulders and Palms, La Digue DSC 5455  Sea, Sky, Island, Palms, La Digue DSC 5440  Waves Breaking over Boulders, La Digue DSC 5433  Boulders, Waves and Clouds, La Digue
DSC 5580  Spider Condominium, La Digue DSC 5578  Spider Couple, La Digue DSC 5583  Town Cemetery, La Digue DSC 5584  Flowers at a Resort, La Digue DSC 5585  Closeup of Flowers, La Digue
DSC 5615  Local Boat, La Digue DSC 5626  Preparing to Hoist the Last Tender, La Digue DSC 5638  Hoisting the Last Tender Aboard, La Digue DSC 5647  Farewell to La Digue, Seychelles DSC 5666  Sunset at Sea on the Way to Mauritius
DSC 5668  Sun Dipping below the Horizon DSC 5684  Waiting for the "Green Flasn" DSC 5723  Yes, it is Real...the Green Flash as the Limb of the Sun dips below the Horizon DSC 5728  Dancer on the Quay, Port Louis, Mauritius DSC 5733  Dancer's Band, Port Louis
DSC 5735  Gateway into Tamil Temple, Port Louis DSC 5737  Statue in Tamil Temple, Port Louis DSC 5776  Inner Building, Tamil Temple DSC 5739  Courtyard of Tamil Temple, Port Louis DSC 5741  Hindu Gods Adorning Tamil Temple
DSC 5746  Brahma Bull Statues, Tamil Temple DSC 5750  Closeup of rahma Bull, Tamil Temple DSC 5743  Interior of Tamil Temple DSC 5756  Ceiling Fresco, Tamil Temple DSC 5765  Inner Room, Tamil Temple
DSC 5772  Doorway and Statues, Tamil Temple DSC 5790  Business District, Port Louis DSC 5792  Residential District, Port Louis DSC 5809  Hippodrome, Port Louis DSC 5802  Cannon in the Adelaide Citadel, Port Louis
DSC 5800  Cannon in the Citadel DSC 5808  Citadel Walls and View of Port Louis DSC 5818  Cannon and Recoil Ramp, Citadel, Port Louis DSC 5819  Flowers at Citadel, Port Louis DSC 5824  Main Gate into Citadel, Port Louis
DSC 5826  Citadel was Completed during the Reign of Queen Victoria, hence the Victoria Regina keystone in the gateway DSC 5834  Christmas-Colored Parasols, Shopping Mall, Port Louis DSC 5846  Christmas Tree, Shopping Mall, Port Louis DSC 5903  Colonial House, "Eureka," outside Port Louis DSC 5872  Dining Room of Colonial House
DSC 5889  Bathtub/Shower, Colonial House DSC 5896  View into the Kitched of the Colonial House DSC 5918  Sunny Garden, Colonial House DSC 5923  Gateway, Palms, Hills, Colonial House DSC 5928  Lighter Coming into Port Louis
DSC 5945  Ships and Sugar Loading Platform, Port Louis DSC 5952  Local Boats Coming into Harpor, Port Louis DSC 5963  Granary, Port Louis DSC 5964  Ferry/Lighter, Port Louis DSC 5967  Ships and Shopping District, Port Louis
DSC 5973  Topping off Fuel on M/V Voyager, Port Louis DSC 5981  Clouds Building over Port Louis DSC 5989  Sugar Warehouse, Port Louis DSC 5996  Night View of Port Louis DSC 5998  Night View of Port Louis
DSC 6006  Town and Hills at Night, Port Louis