Norway to Canada

Viking Sky Cruise from Bergen, Norway, to Quebec City, Canada via Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland, Newfoundland.
DSC 4913  Harbor and Hilks, Bergen, Norway DSC 4916  Harbor, Bergen, Norway DSC 4919  Moss on Rocks, Bergen DSC 4923  Sailing Ship, Bergen
DSC 4932  Historic Harbor, Bryggen, Bergen DSC 4941  Historic Harbor, Bergen DSC 4946  Summer Palace, Bergen DSC 4954  Hanseatic League Buildings, Bryggen, Bergen
DSC 4956  Bryggen DSC 4961  Holberg Statue, Bryggen, Bergen DSC 4963  Holberg Statue DSC 4969  Viking Sky at her Berth, Bergen
DSC 4973  Bryggen and Hills, Bergen DSC 4984  Street Scene, Bergen DSC 4988  Funicular, Bergen DSC 4993  Tugboat, Bergen
DSC 4995  Old Ship, Bergen DSC 4998  Vegetable Market, Bergen DSC 5000  Cobblestone Street, Bergen DSC 5006  Grafitti, Bergen
DSC 5009  Statues, Bergen DSC 5010  Statue, Bergen DSC 5013  Statue, Bergen DSC 5019  Street Scene, Bergen
DSC 5023  Gallery, Bergen DSC 5025  Street Scene, Bryggen, Bergen DSC 5036  Funicular Entry, Bergen DSC 5038  Decorated Trees, Bergen
DSC 5041  Street Scene, Bergen DSC 5049  Curving Wall, Bergen DSC 5058  Hanseatic League Buildings, Bryggen DSC 5062  Manhole Cover, Bergen
DSC 5066  Harbor and Hills, Torshavn, Faroe Islands DSC 5068  Sod-Roofed Buildings, Torshavn, Faroe Islands DSC 5070  Viking Boat Replica, Faroe Islands DSC 5073  Painted Boat, Faroe Islands
DSC 5075  Boats in Harbor, Faroe Islands DSC 5080  Tourist Boat, Faroe Islands DSC 5086  Street Scene, Faroe Islands DSC 5089  View through an Alley, Faroe Islands
DSC 5090  Brown Door, Faroe Islands DSC 5091  Sod-Roofed Building, Faroe Islands DSC 5093  Weathered Shed, Faroe islands DSC 5103  Lutheran Church, Faroe Islands
DSC 5094  Church Interior, Faroe Islands DSC 5098  Balcony and Organ, Faroe Islands DSC 5096  Boat Model in Church, Faroe Islands DSC 5095  Organ Lesson, Faroe Islands
DSC 5097  Organ Detail, Faroe Islands DSC 5104  Statue, Faroe Islands DSC 5109  Detail of Statue, Faroe Islands DSC 5110  Rasmus Effersoe Bust, Faroe Islands
DSC 5113  Bust Detail, Faroe Islands DSC 5115  Restaurant, Faroe Islands DSC 5117  Fish Restaurant, Faroe Islands DSC 5121  Cannons at Fort, Faroe Islands
DSC 5126  Fort Building, Faroe Islands DSC 5142  Fortifications, Faroe Islands DSC 5150  Harbor in Sunlight, Torshavn, Faroe Islands DSC 5158  Modern Harbor Buildings, Faroe Islands
DSC 5159  Ship's Boat during Drills, Faroe Islands DSC 5161  Fjord, Faroe Islands DSC 5168  Mountain Stream, Faroe Islands DSC 5170  Stream, Town and Fjord, Faroe Islands
DSC 5176  Town in Fjord, Faroe Islands DSC 5173  Hayfields, Faroe Islands DSC 5179  Sod-Roofed Buildings, Faroe Islands DSC 5183  Salmon Ladders in Stream, Faroe Islands
DSC 5188  Cod Drying, Faroe Islands DSC 5190  Island Outside Fjord, Faroe Islands DSC 5195  Cairn and Mountain, Faroe Islands DSC 5199  Fjord, Island, Sky, Faroe Islands
DSC 5202  Shetland Pony, Faroe Islands DSC 5205  Sheep, Faroe Islands DSC 5208  Here's Looking at You, Faroe Islands DSC 5217  Viking Sky Docked, Reykjavik, Iceland
DSC 5263  Perlan Museum, Reykjavik DSC 5222  Sculpture, Perlan, Reykjavik DSC 5224  Sculpture, Perlan, Reykjavik DSC 5225  Sculpture, Perlan, Reykjavik
DSC 5226  Sculpture, Perlan, Reykjavik DSC 5220  Sculpture, Perlan, Reykjavik DSC 5240  Dome, Perlan, Reykjavik DSC 5241  Interior, Perlan, Reykjavik
DSC 5230  Reykjavik from Perlan DSC 5232  Church and City Center, Reykjavik DSC 5235  Reykjavik Airport DSC 5236  University of Reykjavik
DSC 5266  Leif Ericson Statue, Reykjavik DSC 5356  Leif Ericson Statue, Reykjavik DSC 5363  Leif Ericson, Reykjavik DSC 5366  Dedication of Leif Ericson Status
DSC 5269  Lutheran Church, Reykjavik DSC 5345  Lutheran Church, Reykjavik DSC 5348  Lutheran Church, Reykjavik DSC 5350  Steeple, Lutheran Church
DSC 5317  Interior, Church DSC 5323  Pipe Organ, Church, Reykjavik DSC 5330  Pipe Organ, Reykjavik DSC 5352  In the Churchyard, Reykjavik
DSC 5273  Viking Longship Replica, Reykjavik DSC 5274  Tugboats, Reykjavik DSC 5279  Concert Hall, Reykjavik DSC 5312  Concert Hall, Reykjavik
DSC 5441  Concert Hall, Reykjavik DSC 5471  Concert Hall, Reykjavik DSC 5282  Interior of Concert Hall, Reykjavik DSC 5291  View from Concert Hall, Reykjavik
DSC 5293  Mirrored Ceiling, Concert Hall, Reykjaik DSC 5302  View from Concert Hall, Reykjavik DSC 5473  Sculpture at Concert Hall, Reykjavik DSC 5475  Sculpture, Reykjavik
DSC 5478  Detail of Sculpture, Reykjavik DSC 5447  Cairns on Reykjavik Shoreline DSC 5454  Cairns on Reykjavik Shoreline DSC 5448  Cairn on Reykjavik Shoreline
DSC 5456  Cairn on Reykjavik Shoreline DSC 5369  Coffeehouse with Turf Roof, Reykjavik DSC 5374  Colorful Wall, Reykjavik DSC 5375  Red Door and Mural, Reykjavik
DSC 5376  Red Doore With Sunlight, Reykjavik DSC 5378  Yellow Door with Sunlight, Reykjavik DSC 5381  Pink House, Reykjavik DSC 5382  Red Door, Pink House, Reykjavik
DSC 5387  Street Scene, Reykjavik DSC 5384  Restaurant, Reykjavik DSC 5391  Relaxing in the Sun, Reykjavik DSC 5394  Brightly Painted Building, Reykjavik
DSC 5397  Blue Door, Reykjavik DSC 5404  Shady Street Scene, Reykjavik DSC 5405  Street Artwork, Reykjavik DSC 5409  The Old and the New, Buildings, Reykjavik
DSC 5412  White Door, Reykjavik DSC 5413  Yellow Building, Reykjavik DSC 5415  Historic French Hospital, Reykjavik DSC 5307  Buildings in Reykjavik Harbor
DSC 5418  Viking Longboat Sculpture, Reykjavik Promenade DSC 5419  Viking Longboat Sculpture, Reykjavik Promenade DSC 5423  Viking Longboat Sculpture, Reykjavik Promenade DSC 5430  Viking Longboat Sculpture, Reykjavik Promenade
DSC 5465  Fishing Boat, Reykjavik DSC 5467  Coast Guard Cutter, Reykjavik DSC 5469  Ship in Reykjavik DSC 5480  Viking Star at Dock in Reykjavik
DSC 5483  Viking Star at Dock in Reykjavik DSC 5484  Cruising into Fjords, Greenland DSC 5486  Mountians in Sunlight and Shadow, Greenland DSC 5494  Glacier Approaching Fjord, Greenland
DSC 5502  Waterfall in Sunlight, Greenland DSC 5505  Sunlight on the Mountains and Iceberg, Greenland DSC 5509  Mountains, Clouds and Fjord, Greenland DSC 5518  Expedition Cruise, Fjords, Greenland
DSC 5545  Rocks in Sunlight, Greenland DSC 5550  Solo Sailboat, Fjords, Greenland DSC 5556  Clouds, Mountains, Sea, Sunlight, Greenland DSC 5562  Mountain and Clouds in Sun, Greenland
DSC 5567  Iceberg, Greenland DSC 5579  Icebergs, Greenland DSC 5586  Icebergs, Greenland DSC 5597  Icebergs, Greenland
DSC 5613  Sunrise, Qaqortoq, Greenland DSC 5619  Church, Qaqortoq DSC 5712  At the Church, Qaqortoq DSC 5692  Church, Qaqortoq
DSC 5701  Church and Stream, Qaqortoq DSC 5708  Interior of Church, Qaqortoq DSC 5711  Organ, Church, Qaqortoq DSC 5621  Red Buildings with Green Roofs, Qaqortoq
DSC 5622  Fish Market, Qaqortoq DSC 5835  Qaqortoq Visitors Center DSC 5625  Qaqortoq Visitor Center DSC 5627  Street Scene, Qaqortoq
DSC 5630  Colorful Houses, Qaqortoq DSC 5640  Houses and Harbor, Qaqortoq DSC 5642  Houses on the Hillside, Qaqortoq DSC 5644  Restaurant, Qaqortoq
DSC 5615  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5647  Sit-Upon Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5649  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5659  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq
DSC 5650  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5667  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5678  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5669  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq
DSC 5670  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5671  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5674  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5840  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq
DSC 5842  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5846  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5844  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5850  Detail, Rock Carving, Qaqortoq
DSC 5852  Rock Carving, Qaqortoq DSC 5654  Automotive Delivery, Qaqortoq DSC 5655  Automotive Delivery, Qaqortoq DSC 5660  House and Yard, Qaqortoq
DSC 5663  Yellow House, Qaqortoq DSC 5664  Guard Dog, Qaqortoq DSC 5683  Guard Dog, Qaqortoq DSC 5676  Houses on the Hillside, Qaqortoq
DSC 5684  Drying Cod in the Backyard, Qaqortoq DSC 5695  Yellow House with Green Roof, Qaqortoq DSC 5696  Fishing Net, Qaqortoq DSC 5703  Bridge across the Stream, Qaqortoq
DSC 5714  Harbor, Qaqortoq DSC 5717  Viking Sky Tender Entering Harbor, Qaqortoq DSC 5720  Harbor and Hillside, Qaqortoq DSC 5728  Houses on the Point, Qaqortoq
DSC 5734  Colorful Houses on the Hillside, Qaqotoq DSC 5737  Houses on the Hillside, Qaqortoq DSC 5740  Kayakers in the Bay, Qaqortoq DSC 5746  Houses on the Ridge, Qaqortoq
DSC 5748  Houses and Communications Dish, Qaqortoq DSC 5751  New Church, Qaqortoq DSC 5758  Houses on the Hillside, Qaqortoq DSC 5761  Fixer-Upper, Qaqortoq
DSC 5765  Marina and Hills, Qaqortoq DSC 5770  Marina, Qarqortoq DSC 5773  Kayakers at the Viking Sky, Qaqortoq DSC 5777  Houses and Tender, Qaqortoq
DSC 5790  Kayaker Returning, Qaqortoq DSC 5802  Kayakers Returning, Qaqortoq DSC 5808  Gulls on the Water, Qaqortoq DSC 5816  Gulls on the Roof, Qaqortoq
DSC 5823  Fountain in Town Square, Qaqortoq DSC 5825  Red House, Qaqortoq DSC 5830  Restaurant, Qaqortoq DSC 5832  Sculpture, Qaqortoq
DSC 5837  Yellow House, Qaqortoq DSC 5861  Viking Sky at Anchor, Qaqortoq DSC 5874  Sunlight on the Town, Qaqortoq DSC 5880  Power Plant, Qaqortoq
DSC 5882  Expedition Cruise Ship Qaqortoq DSC 5887  Boat, Houses and Hillside, Qaqortoq DSC 5913  Shoreline and Houses on the Hillside, Qaqortoq DSC 5920  Last Tender back to Viking Sky, Qaqortoq
DSC 5933  Viking Sky Tender, Qaqortoq DSC 5951  Sunlight on the Hillside, Qaqortoq DSC 5952  Viking Sculpture, L'Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland DSC 5954  Viking Site and Bay, L'Anse Aux Meadows
DSC 5958  Sculpture, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5960  Viking Bay, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5963  Viking Site Remnants, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5965  Viking Site Remnants, L'Anse Aux Meadows
DSC 5966  Reconstructed Viking Sod House, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5972  Interior of Viking Sod House, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5973  Sleeping Quarters, Viking House, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5979  Interior of Viking Sod House, L'Anse Aux Meadows
DSC 5983  Viking Sod House, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5986  Viking Sod Building, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5988  Blacksmith Shop, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5990  Leif Ericson Sculpture, L'Anse Aux Meadows
DSC 5991  Local Re-enactors, L'Anse Aux Meadows DSC 5995  Marina and Farms Approaching Saguenay, Quebec DSC 5996  Cliffs above the Fjord Approaching Sanguenay DSC 6029  Street Poster, Saguenay
DSC 6011  Welcoming Committee, Saguenay DSC 6013  Voyageur Tent Replica, Sanguenay DSC 6016  First Nations Tipi Replica, Sanguenay DSC 6014  Old Chevrolet, Saguenay
DSC 6018  Catholic Church, Saguenay DSC 6023  Statue in Churchyard, Saguenay DSC 6025  Interior, Catholic Church, Saguenay DSC 6027  Organ Loft, Catholic Church, Saguenay
DSC 6019  Vintage Jaguar, Saguenay DSC 6021  Cadillac/Lasalle Chassis under Restoration, Saguenay DSC 6034  Out for a Sail in the Fjord, Saguenay DSC 6040  Kite Surfer, Saguenay
DSC 6044  Kite Surfer, Saguenay DSC 6047  Viking Star at Anchor, Saguenay DSC 6054  Kite Surfer and Sailboat, Saguenay DSC 6074  Shoreline Art, Saguenay
DSC 6097  Shoreline Art, Saguenay DSC 6082  Kite Surfers, Saguenay DSC 6099  White House with Red Roof, Saguenay DSC 6101  Granary, Saguenay
DSC 6105  Granary and Stream, Saguenay DSC 6107  Granary, Saguenay DSC 6119  Granary, Saguenay DSC 6122  House with Mansard Roof, Saguenay
DSC 6128  Quebec City, Quebec, Canada DSC 6148  Quebec City DSC 6127  Colonial Fortress, Quebec City DSC 6125  Chateau Frontenac Hotel, Quebec City
DSC 6137  Changing Maple, Quebec City DSC 6146  Customs House, Quebec City DSC 6158  Le Concorde Hotel, Quebec City DSC 6162  Park with Statue of Joan of Arc, Quebec City
DSC 6172  Statue of Joan of Arc, Quebec City DSC 6175  Detail of Statue DSC 6180  House by the Park, Quebec City DSC 6166  Flowers in the Park, Quebec City
DSC 6198  Decorative Grass in the Park, Quebec City DSC 6205  Champlain Statue, Quebec City DSC 6207  Base of Champlain Statue DSC 6208  Detail of Champlain Statue
DSC 6219  Salvador Dali Elephant Sculpture, Quebec City DSC 6220  Detail of Dali Elephant DSC 6223  Champlain Statue, Quebec City DSC 6212  Street Performer and Champlain Statue, Quebec City
DSC 6215  Street Performer, Quebec City DSC 6233  He Plays Trumpet, Too! DSC 6234  Trumpeter, Quebec City DSC 6240  Old Post Office, Quebec City
DSC 6241  Clock Tower, Quebec City DSC 6250  Canada 150th Anniversary Logo, Quebec City DSC 6264  Canada 150 Logo DSC 6150  Art, Quebec City
DSC 6245  Art, Quebec City DSC 6252  Art, Quebec City DSC 6257  Memorial to Sailors Lost in World War II, Quebec City DSC 6262  Sailors' Memorial Statue
DSC 6265  Old Customs House, Quebec City DSC 6268  Stone Building, Quebec City DSC 6269  Back Street Scene, Quebec City DSC 6271  Window with Flower, Quebec City
DSC 6274  Taking aim at the Viking Sky, Quebec City DSC 6277  Blue Door Number 5, Quebec City DSC 6280  Pink Door, Quebec City DSC 6282  Door, Wall and Flowers, Quebec City
DSC 6286  Black Door Number 25-1/2, Quebec City DSC 6288  Green Door Number 29, Quebec City DSC 6293  Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica, Quebec City DSC 6295  Interior of Basilica, Quebec City
DSC 6298  Altar in Basilica, Quebec City DSC 6300  Organ Loft, Basilica, Quebec City DSC 6303  Flowered Column outside Basilica, Quebec City DSC 6312  Artists' Alley, Quebec City
DSC 6317  Artists' Alley, Quebec City DSC 6321  Fountain and Statue, Quebec City DSC 6327  Detail of Statue, Quebec City DSC 6332  Detail of Fountain, Quebec City
DSC 6333  Plaque on Base of Statue, Quebec City DSC 6336  Dome and Flag, Quebec City DSC 6338  Champlain Statue, Quebec City DSC 6343  Viking Sky and Veendam Docked at Quebec City
DSC 6346  Chateau Frontenac and Boardwalk, Quebec City DSC 6349  Chateau Frontenac and Cannons, Quebec City DSC 6352  Cannon, Quebec City DSC 6357  Chateau Frontenac and Boardwalk, Quebec City
DSC 6366  Working Harbor, Quebec City DSC 6369  Shady Boardwalk, Quebec City DSC 6378  Quebec City from the Fortress DSC 6376  Chateau Frontenac from the Fortress
DSC 6385  Street Scene, Quebec City DSC 6388  Aqua Door Number 18, Quebec City DSC 6389  Red Door Number 8, Quebec City DSC 6394  Street Musician with Harp, Quebec City
DSC 6400  Shopping Street, Quebec City DSC 6408  Shopping Street, Quebec City DSC 6420  Mural, Quebec City DSC 6424  Shopping Street, Quebec City
DSC 6427  Green Door Number 39, Quebec City DSC 6429  Beige Door with Cross, Quebec City DSC 6432  Window and Flower Box, Quebec City DSC 6439  Royal Battery, Quebec City
DSC 6442  Restored Buildings, Quebec City