Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Britain

Cruise from Brisbane, Australia, to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Britain, and Vanuatu.
DSC 2710  Sunlight on the Brisbane Harbor DSC 2722  Shipping Terminal, Brisbane Harbor DSC 2733  Local Ferry, Brisbane Harbor DSC 2742  Harborside Apartments, Brisbane DSC 2756  Bulk Carrier being Loaded, Brisbane
DSC 2769  Bridge over Brisbane Harbor DSC 2791  Clearing the Brisbane Harbor Bridge DSC 2794  Dock and Harbor, Alotau, Papua New Guinea DSC 2797  Commerce, Alotau DSC 2800  Local Harbor, Alotau
DSC 2814  Ship in Alotau Harbor DSC 2818  Children Welcoming Visitors, Alotau DSC 2820  Colorful Local Crafts, Alotau DSC 2824  Milne Bay War Memorial, Alotau DSC 2831  Carrying Home the Day's Shopping, Alotau
DSC 2850  Outrigger Canoe, Alotau DSC 2863  In the Local Harbor, Alotau DSC 2875  Local Boats, Alotau DSC 2883  Local Boats, Alotau DSC 2890  Workers on a Boat, Alotau
DSC 2896  Harbor and Hils, Alotau DSC 2905  Local Boats, Alotau DSC 2911  Coming across from a Neighboring Island, Alotau DSC 2924  Local Boat, Alotau DSC 2925  Local Boat, Alotau
DSC 2943  Local Boats, Alotau DSC 2947  Supermarket and Department Store, Alotau DSC 2952  Outrigger Canoe, Alotau DSC 2029  Pig Costume, Doini Island, PNG DSC 2030  Hunting the Pig, Doini
DSC 2036  Greeting Committee, Doini DSC 2041  Drummer, Doini DSC 2044  Drummers, Doini DSC 2049  Local Boat and Sea Princess, Doini DSC 2054  Preparing Taro, Doini
DSC 2964  Sea Princess at Anchor, Doini DSC 2975  Dancers, Doini DSC 3004  Trail to Skull Cave, Doini DSC 2991  Skull Cave, Doini DSC 3024  Local Boat, Doini
DSC 3029  Sea Princess at Anchor, Doini DSC 3043  Local boat and Palm, Doini DSC 2971  Leaving Doini DSC 3065  Welcoming Committee, Kiriwani, PNG DSC 3068  Children in Traditional Costumes, Kiriwani
DSC 3079  Village, Kiriwani DSC 3084  Palm Tree and Girl, Kiriwani DSC 3086  Village among the Palms, Kiriwani DSC 3095  Shopping for Local Crafts, Kiriwani DSC 3111  Dancers, Kiriwani
DSC 3131  Dancers, Kiriwani DSC 3194  Watching the Dancers, Kiriwani DSC 3133  Watching the Dancers, Kiriwani DSC 3151  Dancers, Kiriwani DSC 3164  Dancers, Kiriwani
DSC 3168  Jumping Dancers, Kiriwani DSC 3169  Dancers, Kiriwani DSC 3185  Dancers, Kiriwani DSC 3201  Boy in Outrigger in the Surf, Kiriwani DSC 3215  Outrigger Canoes, Kiriwani
DSC 3220  Detail of Canoe, Kiriwani DSC 3231  Sea Princess at Anchor, Kiriwani DSC 3238  Cliffs and Trees, Kiriwani DSC 3243  Outrigger Canoe and Sea Princess, Kiriwani DSC 3255  Outrigger Canoes, Kiriwani
DSC 3297  Fringing Reef, Kiriwani DSC 3311  Outrigger Canoe, Kiriwani DSC 3315  Dock and Beach, Kiriwani DSC 3331  Fringing Reef, Kiriwani DSC 2059  Patchwork Sails, Kitava, PNG
DSC 2062  Sand and Sails, Kitava DSC 2067  Colorful Dancers, Kitava DSC 2072  Watching the Dancers, Kitava DSC 2077  Dancers, Kitava DSC 2081  Young Dancers, Kitava
DSC 2083  Dancers, Kitava DSC 2084  Dancers, Kitava DSC 2095  Dancers, Kitava DSC 2107  Dancers, Kitava DSC 2113  Dancers, Kitava
DSC 2118  Local Crafts for Sale, Kitava DSC 2123  Sea Princess and Outrigger Canoe, Kitava DSC 2128  Outrigger Canoes, Kitava DSC 2131  Outrigger Canoes and Sea Princess, Kitava DSC 3340  Small Island off Kitava
DSC 3350  Sailing back and forth to Kitava DSC 3361  Outrigger Canoes, Kitava DSC 3369  Kitava, PNG DSC 3429  Harbor and Hills, Rabaul, New Britain (Papua New Guinea) DSC 3390  Men's Chorus Greeting the Ship, Rabaul
DSC 3398  Vegetable Market, Rabaul DSC 3394  Greens for Sale, Vegetable Market, Rabaul DSC 3400  Street Vendors, Rabaul DSC 3411  Volcanoes and Harbor, Rabaul DSC 3424  Active Volcano, Rabaul
DSC 3439  Afternoon Showers under a Threatening Sky, Rabaul DSC 3443  Dancers Greeting Passengers, Honiara, Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal) DSC 3450  Dancers, Honiara DSC 3482  American Guadalcanal Memorial, Honiara DSC 3460  Memorial Obelisk and Flags
DSC 3467  Memorial Narrative DSC 3452  Memorial Star DSC 3453  Dedication of the Memorial to an Unknown American Marine DSC 3476  Map of Honiara Harbor DSC 3456  Sea Princess at Anchor in Iron Bottom Sound, Honiara
DSC 3481  View from American Memorial DSC 3498  Monument on Bloody Ridge DSC 3485  Japanese Attacked Bloody Ridge from the nearby hillsides DSC 3490  Panoramic View from Bloody Ridge, Honiara DSC 3487  Local Homes near Bloody Ridge
DSC 3508  Peace Bell at Honiara Airport DSC 3526  Japanese Memorial at Honiara Airport DSC 3522  Remains of World War II Control Tower at Henderson Field, Honiara DSC 3524  Abandoned Fire Truck, Honiara Airport DSC 3529  Antiaircraft Gun, Honiara Airport
DSC 3559  Artifacts at Seventh Day Adventist School, Honiara DSC 3539  Radial Engine and Prop, Adventist School, Honiara DSC 3541  Aircraft Wreckage, Adventist School, Honiara DSC 3543  Japanese Field Gun, Adventist School, Honiara DSC 3546  Aircraft Wreckage, Adventist School, Honiara
DSC 3562  Aircraft Wreckage with Allison V12 Engine, Adventist School, Honiara DSC 3551  Local Percussion Instrument, Adventist School, Honiara DSC 3553  Percussion Instrument DSC 3572  Japanese Memorial, Honiara DSC 3589  Plaque on Japanese Memorial, Honiara
DSC 3567  Statue at Japanese Memorial, Honiara DSC 3597  Detail of Statue, Japanese Memorial, Honiara DSC 3565  Dedication Plaque, Japanese Memorial, Honiara DSC 3584  Local Homes near Japanese Memorial, Honiara DSC 3628  Coastwatchers Monument, Honiara Harbor
DSC 3632  Statue of Coastwatchers, Honiara DSC 3638  Detail of Coastwatchers Statue DSC 3609  Local Musicians Playing Dockside, Honiara DSC 3615  Pan Pipes, Honiara DSC 3648  Flowering Tree, Honiara
DSC 3649  Closeup of Flowering Tree, Honiara DSC 3677  Yellow Flowers, Honiara DSC 3654  Solomon Islands Parliament Building, Honiara DSC 3664  Cruz Bay Yacht Club, Honiara DSC 3683  Dockside Shopping, Honiara
DSC 3697  She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore, Honiara DSC 3694  Dockside Murals, Honiara DSC 3699  Shark Mural, Honiara DSC 3705  Sea Eagle Mural, Honiara DSC 3708  War Canoe Mural, Honiara
DSC 3711  Honiara Harbor DSC 3729  Local Boat, Honiara DSC 3722  Bollard and Line, Honiara DSC 3703  Clouds over the Harbor, Honiara DSC 3725  Water Taxi, Honiara
DSC 3784  Fishing Trawlers, Honiara Bay DSC 3790  Fishing Trawler in the Sunlight, Honiara DSC 3792  Fishing Trawlers, Honiara DSC 3809  Clouds over the Bay, Honiara DSC 3835  Local Boat and Trawler, Honiara
DSC 3853  Clouds and Trawlers, Honiara DSC 3869  Clouds and Trawlers, Honiara DSC 3893  Sea Princess Docked at Port Vila, Vanuatu DSC 3926  Quayside Shopping, Port Vila, Vanuatu DSC 3872  Shop Wares, Port Vila
DSC 3880  Selling Firewood, Port Vila DSC 3884  Wall Art, Port Vila DSC 3909  Construction, Port Vila DSC 3915  Harbor of Port Vila and Iririki Island DSC 3889  Iririki Island Resort, Port Vila
DSC 3946  Vanuatu Parliament House, Port Vila DSC 3935  Tugboat, Port Vila DSC 3958  Azure Waters, Port Vila