Star Flyer Cruise

Star Flyer Cruise through the Panama Canal to San Andres, Providencia and Grand Cayman
DSC 1141  Sunset as the Star Flyer departs Balboa, Panama to queue up for the canal transit. DSC 1151  Panama City, Panama, Skyline DSC 1158  Biodiversity Museum, Panama City, designed by Frank Gehry.
DSC 1155  Approaching the Bridge of the Americas DSC 1199  61 meter mast, 62 meter clearance under the bridge. DSC 1217  Construction on the expanded locks at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal
DSC 1222  Pilot boat DSC 1234  Another tall ship at the entrance to the Canal DSC 1246  Cargo port crane
DSC 1257  Cargo port cranes DSC 1265  Barge and tugboat DSC 1275  New locks under construction
DSC 1283  Closeup of new locks DSC 1307  Canal tugboats DSC 1326  Approaching the first lock on the Pacific end of the Canal
DSC 1329  Line tenders bringing line to "Donkey" locomotives DSC 1342  "Donkey" locomotive DSC 1366  "Donkey" locomotive
DSC 1373  The ramps have racks for the cogs on the Donkey locomotives DSC 1400  Automobile transporter DSC 1409  Approaching the Centennial bridge after the second locks
DSC 1431  Entering the second locks DSC 1453  Second lock DSC 1463  Gate closed, lock chamber filling
DSC 1487  Patrol boats, Panama Canal DSC 1489  Tugboat, Panama Canal DSC 1497  Boat bringing Canal crew to and from ships
DSC 1504  Contractor's Hill DSC 1509  Approaching the Centennial Bridge DSC 1528  Passing under the Centennial Bridge
DSC 1550  Passing Gold HIll DSC 1560  Gaillard Cut, Panama Canal DSC 1571  Following another ship through the canal
DSC 1577  Stream flowing into the Canal DSC 1578  Navigational markers, Panama Canal DSC 1580  Tropical vegetation, Panama Canal
DSC 1602  Container ship in Gatun Lake DSC 1615  Pilot's-eye view navigating Gatun Lake DSC 1626  Island in Gatun Lake
DSC 1635  Ships waiting their turn in Gatun Lake DSC 1641  Forest and clouds, Gatun Lake DSC 1646  Ships in queue, Gatun Lake
DSC 1656  Auto transporter DSC 1664  Tankers, Gatun Lake DSC 1689  Container ship, Gatun Lake
DSC 1691  Tanker, Gatun Lake DSC 1695  Sun glinting off Gatun Lake DSC 1705  Container ship and tug
DSC 1721  Container ship and clouds, Gatun Lake DSC 1737  Approaching the Gatun Locks and down into the Caribbean DSC 1757  Donkey locomotive at Gatun Locks
DSC 1765  About to descend the cogged ramp DSC 1773  Panamanian flag DSC 1804  Lowering the water in the Gatun Locks
DSC 1815 DSC 1790  Lock gates opening to allow us to exit DSC 1838  Small boat on the Caribbean end of the Canal
DSC 1851  Cargo port, Caribbean side DSC 1875  Container cranes DSC 1882  Container cranes
DSC 1889  Container cranes DSC 1898  Container cranes and ship DSC 1934  Sunset as we leave the Caribbean end of the Canal
DSC 1936  Under sail, heading north toward San Andres DSC 1947  Bluewater sailing DSC 1975  View from the bow sprit netting
DSC 1978  Looking up the foremast from the bowsprit netting DSC 1987  Bowsprit netting DSC 1992  Walking out on the bowsprit netting
DSCN0917  Best spot on the ship DSC 1976  Star Flyer bow carving the seas DSC 1983  View from the netting
DSC 1990 AW1  Looking up the foremast DSC 1950  Fiew from aft forward past the sails DSC 1990  Approaching San Andres
DSC 1991  City on San Andres DSC 1998  Local boat at San Andres DSC 2000  Tender shuttling passengers to San Andres
DSC 2001  Motorcycles on San Andres DSC 2011  Street scene, San Andres DSC 2016  Street scene, San Andres
DSC 2018  Colorful building, San Andres DSC 2021  Dive shop car, San Andres DSC 2025  Street scene, San Andres
DSC 2029  Winebottle pyramin, San Andres DSC 2055  Star Flyer at anchor off San Andres DSC 2060  Landing spot, San Andres
DSC 2064  Beach, San Andres DSC 2065  Festival decorations, San Andres DSC 2068  Harbor, San Andres
DSC 2073  Greeting committee, San Andres DSC 2082  Street scene, Providencia DSC 2086  Santa Catalina, off Providencia
DSC 2090  Providencia from Santa Catalina DSC 2091  Fishing boat, Santa Catalina DSC 2100  Fort marker, Santa Cataline
DSC 2102  Taking aim at the Star Flyer DSC 2096  Statue at the fort, Santa Catalina DSC 2109  View of Providencia from the fort, Santa Catalina
DSC 2099  Colorful flowers, Santa Catalina DSC 2095  Paving stones, Santa Catalina DSC 2115  As you walk, the shadows make it look like the waves are moving on teh sidewalk
DSC 2111  Cove, Santa Catalina DSC 2116  Fishing boat, Santa Catalina DSC 2121  The bridge from Santa Catalina back to Providencia
DSC 2128  Fishing boat, Providencia DSC 2132  Santa Catalina from Providencia DSC 2130  Colorful railing, Providencia
DSC 2140  Street scene, Providencia DSC 2143  Street scene, Providencia DSC 2152  City Hall, Providencia
DSC 2154  Bench for crabby tourists, Porvidencia DSC 2145  Fishing boat, Providencia DSC 2148  Harbor, Providencia
DSC 2150  Local boat, Providencia DSC 2163  Fort on Santa Catalina from Providencia DSC 2157  Tender returning to bring passengers back to the Star Flyer
DSC 2182  Star Flyer at anchor off Providencia DSC 2197  Under sail again, toward Grand Cayman DSC 2221  Rainbow against the clouds at sea
DSC 2212  Sails set DSCN0924  Looking out from the crow's next DSCN0927  Climbing the ratlines to the crow's next
DSCN0919  Watch your footing... DSC 2253  View up to the crow's nest DSC 2266  On the crow's nest, under sail
DSC 2230  Looking forward from the crow's nest DSC 2239  Looking aft from the crow's nest DSC 2204  Under sail
DSC 2248  Bow wave breaking DSC 2335  Final sunset on board as we approach Grand Cayman